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Salzburg, Austria

Pixel Prophecy creates games, apps, tools, videos, streams, music, fonts, and much more.
We at Pixel Prophecy value out players, customers, and audience like friends and strive to provide the best experience for our friends.
Experience a Minesweeper variant with new features such as campaign mode, score keeping, item drops, and achievements.
In this collaboration of Max Meraner and Pixel Prophecy you find yourself trapped in a place out of time; a place you have been longing to escape.
In this text adventure set in the town of Power, Montana, strange things are happening at night. Armed with only your cell phone and its draining battery, you have to survive until the end.
This rogue-like survival game inspired by The Oregon Trail casts you in the role of a mysterious driver, who has to make it to a speical place alive. And then there’s this strange unicorn…
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